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    Critical and non-toxic masculinity - Köln/Bonn

    18:00 - 19:30tba

    A new fashionable term occured in masculinity studies several years ago: toxic masculinity describes the negative side effects of the hegemonic image of masculinity. This image affects men in their behaviour and thus society as a whole. However, there seem to be no alternatives to the toxic hegemonic way of being masculine. Especially the strict hierarchal binary in which men face sanctions if they behave effeminately, which is perceived 'unmanly', makes being a 'good man' seem to be impossible. But is it really?

    How does a "real", non-toxic man behave? If we want to fathom this, we are inevitably confronted with failure. Failure in the representation of being masculine, failure in social conceptions. But does failure have to be something negative? Can we learn to fail and integrate it; perhaps even occupy and inhabit it? What can we learn from men who have always fallen out of the classic image of masculinity? And finally: How does a modern, non-toxic masculinity look like?